Neighbour Disputes

Many day-to-day neighbourhood disagreements can be resolved with amicable conversations between neighbours without any need to involve the management office. It is always sensible to try and deal with a situation before things escalate. Sometimes however, this will not be the case and you may wish to report an incident or series of incidents to us. We can help you and will take your concerns seriously.

I suffer from nuisance or ASB what can I do?

You should contact the estate office as soon as possible. Occasionally some types of anti-social behaviour may involve serious criminal activity and were this is the case, the police should be notified immediately. Crime stoppers can be contacted on 0800 555 111. In cases of emergency you should always dial 999.

Outside office hours and at weekends, you are encouraged to contact Lambeth’s anti-nuisance team on 0207 926 5999.

Please try and write down as much detail as possible regarding the incident, including time, type of nuisance and address of the person(s) responsible, including any other witnesses. If the police are called, please remember to tell us the CAD number, date, time and details of the officer dealing with the incident name.

What actions can be taken against the perpetrator?

We use a number of measures to deal with acts of anti-social behaviour on this estate. These have included-

  • Taking possession proceedings, including the serving of Notices of Seeking Possession on properties where nuisance behaviour is evident.
  • The Demotion of secure tenancies.
  • Agreeing Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC)
  • Obtaining court Injunctions.
  • Obtaining Anti-social behaviour orders (ASBO’s)
  • Serving Abatement Notices on residents and confiscating audio equipment.

What can I expect when you contact us to reports acts of ASB?

  • All reports will be treated in confidence
  • We will take all complaints seriously regardless of how the incident was reported or the nature of incident.
  • We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days of it being reported. On more serious matters such acts of violence, racial incidents, serious threat etc; an appointment will be arranged within 24 hours of the incident being reported.
  • In cases where you cannot attend the office, we will arrange to visit you at home to discuss your concerns within 3 working days.
  • We will develop an action plan so that you are aware of all the actions we are taking.
  • Where necessary, we will make referrals to external agencies to ensue you receive protection, support and guidance.
  • We will contact you regularly to check on how you are and if matters are improving or not.
  • Provide provisions of alternative accommodation in urgent cases
  • Provide additional security measures on the basis of professional advice

Once a problem has been resolved, we will let you know that the case is closed and we will ask you to complete a satisfaction form confirming you are satisfied with the outcome.