How long will I have to wait for a repair to be done?

When you report a repair, we guarantee to carry it within the following times, unless you change the initial arrangement we make.

Emergency repairs (Priority 1)

Repairs that fall into this category will be completed within 24 hours of being reported.

Responsive Repairs (Priority 2)

Repairs that fall into this category will be completed within 3 working days.

Routine Repairs (Priority 3)

Repairs that full in to this category will be completed between 7 and 14 days.

Planned Repairs (Priority 4)

Repairs that fall into this category will be completed under a programme of works.  Planned repairs take longer to resolve since we may need to consult with specialist contractors or get items specially made.  On some occasions, it may not always be possible to confirm when funding for certain repairs or works will be available.  In this circumstance however, we will always register your request and inspect within two weeks of it being reported.


You will be recharged for the following repairs-

  • Forcing entry in to your home after you have lost your keys
  • Any repair which is your responsibility

Please let us know when someone can be at home to let us in. You should also check identification before allowing anyone into your home.  All our staff will carry identification of who they are.

Emergency service

Cowley RMO operates an ‘Out of Office Hours’ emergency repair service through Lambeth Council’s ‘First Call’ Service. 

Lambeth Council Contractors will ONLY attend if you are experiencing -

  • An uncontrollable leak (burst pipe etc).
  • You have been a victim of crime
  • A Gas leak (Transco emergency helpline 0800 111 999)
  • Complete loss of power

Our out of hours repairs service can be contacted direct on 0207 926 6666.

Gas Servicing

Should you experience problems with either your heating or hot water system or wish to have your system serviced; Cowley DLO can be contacted on 020 7926 0690/ 0697. Outside of normal working hours please contact Lambeth’s First Call service on 020 7926 6666.