Gas Safety In Your Home

Cowley RMO aims to provide you with safe and reliable heating and hot water systems. This charter sets out clear advice and information regarding what services are available and standards you can expect from us.

Service appliances: (Residents) 

By law we must check all our gas appliances and pipe work every year for leaks.  Leaking gas appliances or pipes can cause explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.  We ensure your safety by carrying out gas checks. 

To do this we will:

  • Employ Gas safe registered engineers who carry identification 
  • Complete a gas safety check every 12 months
  • Arrange convenient appointments, including evenings and weekends 
  • We will visit your property twice by appointment, to ensure the service is completed.
  • Provide you with a copy of the gas safety record (CP12) 
  • Will make safe all heating related leaks within two hours
  • Aim to repair gas central heating and water heaters within 24 hours between the months of November and April and within 3 days between May and October. 
  • Provide temporary heating if we are unable to meet these time scales.

What if no access is provided?

  • We will make two appointments to visit you, however if access is still not provided, your gas safety check will be placed in to ‘referred to council’ status. 
  • This status is the first step towards obtaining a court injunction to ensure access is provided.
  • We will write to you requesting you make contact with the estate office within 14 days to arrange a suitable appointment.
  • If no contact is received we will write to you again suggesting an appointment time and date.
  • If no contact is still received we will write to confirm that if no appointment is arranged within 7 days, a court injunction will be sought.
  • If no contact is still received we will make an application to the county court to obtain an injunction to complete the necessary checks.  The injunction will allow us to force entry into your home and recharge you the cost of doing so.

Gas Servicing

Should you experience problems with either your heating or hot water system or wish to have your system serviced; Cowley DLO can be contacted on 020 7926 0690.

Outside of normal working hours please contact Lambeth Out of Hour on 020 7926 6666.